About Us

Link International was founded in 1963 to offer Link 51’s comprehensive range of storage products to a worldwide market through a network of distributors.

The Company

Link 51 (Storage Products), with an annual turnover well in excess of £80 million, is the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of steel shelving, pallet racking and lockers. The company offers a comprehensive range of products & services to fulfil the requirements of storage management in every type of organisation, large or small.

Link 51 is focused around its manufacturing sites – Pallet Racking Systems at Telford in Shropshire, Shelving and Storage at Brierley Hill in the West Midlands and Lockers and personal storage products in Telford.

During more than sixy years Link 51 has gained a wealth of experience and expertise through providing storage solutions both across the UK and also world-wide – via the company’s international distributor network, Link International.

Our lockers factory has one of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities for personal property storage lockers, with the capacity to manufacture up to 3,000 lockers per week.

Our Heritage

Amidst the austerity of post-war Britain the company which became Link 51 was founded in 1951 by father and son Jim and Peter Kinnear. It was established as The Handy Angle Company at Brierley Hill, in the heart of England’s industrial ‘Black Country’. Manufacturing a range of practical slotted steel angle sections and bolted shelving, the original staff of six worked from a small workshop, with the back bedroom of an adjacent cottage providing the office accommodation.

With a steadily increasing demand and market for improved, purpose-built storage equipment the Handy Angle Company, building on the success of its early years, grew and developed to become Link 51.

The Link 51 brand-name itself dates from 1966 and was derived from combining the founding year of the Handy Angle Company with the word ‘Link’ added to signify the grouping of various kinds of storage equipment & techniques within one company.

Having celebrated sixty years of trading in 2011, the company has steadily grown its reputation and market share over the years by developing an ever-improving range of products to solve the many and varied storage & handling problems encountered daily throughout industry and commerce.


By maintaining in-house manufacture and quality control, clients benefit from being able to draw on Link 51’s extensive experience in steel forming and fabrication techniques for the creation of custom-designed storage solutions through the use of standard or ‘bespoke’ components.

For some specialised products, or to provide additional production capacity, Link 51 is also able to draw on the manufacturing facilities of other subsidiary companies in the Whittan Group, both in the UK and Europe.

Pallet Racking Systems – Telford – One of the largest manufacturing operations in the storage equipment industry, the Telford site employs the latest techniques in roll-forming technology in the production of Link 51’s XL Pallet Racking and Longspan shelving. This 10,000 square-metre manufacturing facility is capable of processing up to 30,000 tonnes of steel per annum to meet customer demand for racking.

Shelving & Mobile Storage Systems – Brierley Hill – On the site of the founding Handy Angle Company, a wide range of steel shelving, and other storage products are designed and manufactured at the Brierley Hill factory. Recent development in the design of mobile shelving means Link 51 is able to provide a wider choice in shelving configurations and operation.

Link 51 Lockers – Telford – is one of the largest facilities for the manufacture and supply of personal storage lockers and associated changing room furniture. Through the use of versatile production techniques, an extensive range of locker types, sizes, and colours are available to meet customer requirements.


Link 51 is committed to maintaining high quality standards in the company’s products & services. This commitment was first substantiated in 1986 when Link 51 became the first company in the storage equipment industry to achieve registration with The British Standards Institute as a ‘Firm of Assessed Capability’ in accordance with Quality Assessment Schedule No. 3204/274 and BS EN ISO 9000(formerly BS5750 part 1).

Link 51’s factories now operate quality systems in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and BS OHAS 18001 standards.

Link 51 is a founder member company of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (SEMA) and is also a member company of F.E.M. – The European Federation of Materials Handling Manufacturers. SEMA is the UK’s national trade association for the storage equipment industry and Link 51 conforms to SEMA codes of practice relating to the supply of storage equipment.

FEM is the trade confederation concerned with the European harmonisation of design standards and guidance in the use of storage and handling equipment. Link 51, through Whittan Storage Systems is involved, where appropriate, in FEM initiatives to further product development and safety within the storage industry.


Link 51 is a subsidiary of the multinational group Whittan Storage Systems; a business focused exclusively on the storage and materials handling industry.

The Whittan Group is a leading player across the UK and Continental Europe and has a workforce of some 1000 strong based at 18 manufacturing, sales and administrative sites in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Germany. Whittan is committed to continuous development and specialisation in design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of storage equipment.

In this the Group benefits from the depth of experience and expertise, as well as the wide range of products and services, to be found in its subsidiary companies.

Link International and their distributors work together to create storage environments that maximise space and efficiency. Every storage problem is like a three dimensional puzzle. Solving it demands a systematic approach, working out what is required and delivering the products and systems to make it happen.